I have been missing from this blog for a really long time. Work got in the way at first. Then, NaNoWriMo took ahold of me. They are both still keeping me busy, but I will not let them stop be from managing this blog. I plan on writing more reviews and potentially original short short stories. Hopefully, I have people who will enjoy this ride with me. It is sure to be a long one. For now, enjoy this excerpt from one of my short stories.  I promise that I wrote these lines. 



He had already placed his backpack onto his shoulders. He took out his keys and rushed for the door. Her heart sank. She had wanted to know so much more about him. Every cell of her being was drawn to him and she didn’t even catch his name. She wondered how far he had gotten; she needed to know his name. If she knew his name, then there would be a chance of something blossoming between them.


She ran out of the cafe and came to a stop on the sidewalk. She shivered. The air had cleared and the sun was shining, yet it was still cold. She searched for him amongst the crowd. There he was, crossing the street. 


“Hey!” she called. “I never did get your name.”



I hope you guys enjoyed that. Thank you so much for reading!