A Book Review! Artemis Fowl : The Last Guardian by Eoin Colfer

I have been a huge fan of the Artemis Fowl series since forever it seems. So, imagine my surprise when I walked into our school’s bookstore and saw a brand new book for the series sitting on the shelf. Did I say that I was surprised? More like excited, overjoyed, and I will admit that I screamed a little. Considering that we had to wait two years for this, I hadn’t been following the series closely enough to know when a new book was going to come out, so it made my day when I saw it.

The Last Guardian is the last book of a series that chronicles the growth of a 12-year-old boy into a 15-year-old young man. Artemis Fowl is almost always one step ahead of his foes and always has something smart to say at the tip of his tongue. A criminal mastermind who is way beyond his age group, Artemis learns to use his genius talents for good instead of evil. Whereas in the first book we have Artemis kidnapping Captain Holly Short ( a fairy of the Lower Elements Police), this last book has Artemis helping Holly and the LEP capture a fairy criminal mastermind of the highest grade. Resident evil pixie Opal Koboi plans a way to break out of prison and bring both the human and fairy worlds crashing down.

I loved this book because of the simple way Colfer was able to tie in the previous books to the series. Like the Opal clone Nopal from The Opal Deception and Artemis’ stint when he had a disease called The Atlantis Complex. Even old pal N⁰1 makes an appearance. I also loved this book because it had all of those characters in it and more. There was Mulch, the twin brothers of Artemis, Butler, Juliet, and who can forget Foaly the centaur and technical genius of the LEP. Including all of these characters brought back fond memories of the past books and what the characters meant to me. My favorite characters in this series have been Mulch and Butler. A strange combination but I love them all the same. Butler, because you know that he genuinely cares about his young charge, Artemis. And Mulch, because you know that no matter what he will always be there for his friends in the end game. My second favorite characters of the series are Captain Holly Short and Artemis Fowl. Holly, for her sheer determination of will and Artemis, because he uses his smarts for the greater good. My favorite part of the book happened when Mulch was riding the Troll. In the book, Colfer explains the meaning behind this, dating back to the war that occurred between the humans and fairies.

Overall, the book was written very well and showed how well-rounded Artemis’ character had become. I absolutely loved the book and the memories it brought with it. However, I know I would’ve loved it more if Holly and Artemis had finally realized their love for each other. They say age is nothing but number… But even though the two never kissed or specifically expressed their feelings you could see the deep concern they had for one another in other ways. The book ended with Artemis losing his memory and doubling back to the first book in the series as Holly explained how she had first met Artemis. I didn’t mind the ending as much as some others did. Although, it did leave me wanting more.

No one likes to see one of their beloved book series end. For me it seems as if a happy chapter of my life is closing and I won’t ever be able to get it back. Re-reading a book isn’t the same as when you first experience it, either. Although the Artemis Fowl series has finally come to an end, it would be pretty cool if Eoin Colfer did a spin-off series starring Myles and Beckett Fowl and the antics that they get into. In The Last Guardian it was hinted at that Myles was a miniature Artemis, so who really knows what could happen with that. It might also be fun to witness Mulch in his very own starring role or even Butler as they were both pretty big stables in the series. What do you guys think?

I know what I think. I think that if you loved all of the previous Artemis Fowl books then you will surely love this one.

I would love it if you guys would provide some feedback of your thoughts on the book. Also, here is one booktuber’s review of the book. I fell in love with her channel. She is super hilarious so definitely check her out.