Hello world!

Hi guys,

I originally started this blog to showcase and improve my writing skills. I was to do this through little short blurbs or one-paragraph stories to get me started. I was going to progressively start posting parts of short stories I had written. But now after viewing the world of youtube and booktubing, I would also like to incorporate book reviews on this blog. I hope you guys enjoy the journey!

sincerely penned,
Chere Snow


The Best Things

The Best Things

They say the best things in life are free. I would love to know if that statement is true. Where is my freedom from the world in which I live? Where is my freedom from the place they call “The Sanctom”. A place in which the people live as prisoners. Locked up in cages at night and experimented on during the day. In the past, the present, and on into the future, these experiments have been happening and will continue to happen unless someone does something about them. I cannot say whether that person will be me or not. I just know that something needs to change for all of us to stay sane. That something needs to change now.